The TRAK company has operated on the wood market since the 1980s. In 1995 the originally established slat and flooring production plant was transformed into an enterprise that still specialises in the production of frames for upholstered furniture.

The products offered by TRAK are characterised by a high quality of workmanship, competitive prices and timely deliveries. Many years of experience and continually following the trends of the changing market makes TRAK a recognised and trusted partner, as our priority at all the stages of the work is the client’s satisfaction.

The company continually invests in both human capital and modern machinery.

The company’s equipment includes:

  • wood drying rooms 100 m3
  • Machining centres,
  • numerical drills,
  • panel saws,
  • double-ended tenoning machine,
  • an optimiser and
  • traditional circular and band saws, spindle moulders and router moulders.

Trak is a company specialising in the production of frames for upholstered furniture. As a wood industry company it is the successor of Wytwórnia Listew i Parkietów [The Wood Slat and Flooring Plant] established in 1982.

Thanks to modern equipment and very experienced staff, we are able to produce very good frames quality in large quantities. Our products are delivered to renowned plants in Poland and abroad.

The company is based in Swarzędz, whereas the frames are produced in Jasin near Swarzędz. The company was founded in 1992 and is systematically expanded.